Democrats Care


Our Mission

Lincoln County has a strong democratic tradition. Our club is comprised of people from all walks of life throughout Lincoln County. We come together as a group to share our common democratic views and values. We believe that each and every one of us working together has the power to move this country forward.

Pray for America

Elected Officials

  • Recorder of Deeds - Dottie Crenshaw

  • County Clerk - Crystal Hall

  • County Treasurer - Brenda O'Brien

  • County Coroner - Kelly Walters

  • County Surveyor - Don "Tec" Parr

Club Officials

  • Secretary - Lori Forbeck

  • Treasurer - Mary Lou Edgar

  • President - Betty Shrum

  • 1st Vice President - Maria Schieffer

  • 2nd Vice President - Ed Schieffer

  • 3rd Vice President - Brenda O'Brien