Meet & Greet A Success!


Our Candidates:

David A. Beckham, candidate for House of Representative, District #41; Adam Burkemper, candidate for Pike & Lincoln County Circuit Judge; Amanda Neel, candidate for Lincoln County Collector of Revenue; Crystal Hall, candidate for Lincoln County Clerk; Dottie Crenshaw, candidate for Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds; Ayanna Shivers, 10th District State Senate candidate; Trent Crenshaw, candidate for Lincoln County Collector of Revenue.

The Lincoln County Democrats Club Meet & Greet, held on June 28, 2018, was a great success!  Fun, food and fellowship were the name of the game, and a good time was had by all as we gathered to meet our candidates and enjoy the good company at the beautiful and historic home of Ed and Marie Schieffer.  Here are some highlights.


As folks arrived, they began gathering on the back porch to chat and watch the storm roll in.


Conversations broke out everywhere.


The porch lends itself to good conversation.


Of course, the Schieffer cats are good Democrats.  (Clearly, kitty hates the attention!)


Speaking of herding cats, Ed tries to gather his fellow Democrats for a group photo and get them to smile for the camera.


And after a brief struggle....Success!


One of our future candidates practices clawing his way to the top of the heap.....


.....while his mother tries to wave him off, and his sister pretends none of this is happening.


But storm clouds are gathering and it's time to take it inside.


Once inside, the conversation was good, and the food was even better.


But Ed brings us back to why we're all here, to meet our candidates.


Each candidate took a turn introducing themselves to the group.  From top left, Amanda Neel, Crystal Hall and Dottie Crenshaw, Adam Burkemper, David Beckham, Ayanna Shivers, and Trent Crenshaw.


Then it was back to conversations both fun.....


.....and serious.


That's our fearless leader, Betty Shrum, president of the Lincoln County Democrats Club.  She's beautiful, inside and out.


And here's Ed doing what he does best, educating our future leaders on the history of this great country and our great county.

All in all, the evening was a great success.  A good time was had by all, and we enjoyed meeting our candidates.  They have our full support in the coming elections.  We'd like to thank Ed and Marie for their generosity and hospitality, and for sharing their beautiful home..  And thanks to all that attended.  We welcome your fellowship and look forward to doing this again soon!