And The Winners Are.....


Two drawings for prizes were the Lincoln County Democrats Club on the last day of the Lincoln County Fair.  The door prize drawing, pictured above, was a selection of gift certificates ranging from $20-$25.  The winner was Terry Blair of Winfield, MO!  A BIG thanks to the donors listed below for their generosity:

Adam Burkemper                                                                    Arby's
Candidate for Circuit Judge of Pike and Lincoln County

Brenda O'Brien                                                                       Cornerstone Coffee and Confections
Lincoln County Treasurer

J. Trent Crenshaw                                                                   Monty's Bar-B-Que
Candidate for Lincoln County Collector of Revenue

Crystal Hall                                                                             Kroger
Candidate for Lincoln County Clerk

Russell and Betty Cox                                                             Casey's
Democratic Friends

Dottie Crenshaw                                                                     Benni's Pizza
Candidate for Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds

Amanda Neel                                                                          Monty's Bar-B-Que
Candidate for Lincoln County Collector of Revenue

Kelly Walters                                                                           Mr. D's Pizza
Lincoln County Coroner

Grace Sinclair                                                                         Sugar Grove Growers
Candidate for Lincoln County Circuit Court Clerk

Jerry Fox                                                                                Monty's Bar-B-Que
Lincoln County Collector of Revenue


And the winner of the "Count the Beans" game was Alisha Lewis of Troy, MO, who had the closest guess on the number of beans in the jar.  Her divination skills earned her $50! 

Thanks to UAW Local 2250 for their generous donation.

Congratulations to Terry and Alisha.  And a heartfelt round of applause to our generous sponsors.  Let's all do it again next year!