Meet the Candidate

Amanda Neel

Candidate for Lincoln County Collector of Revenue

Amy Neel.png

Amanda (Amy) Neel has been a resident of Lincoln County for the last 60 years.  Born in Kansas, she arrived in Lincoln county at 8 years old with her parents, Darryl & Daisy Mordt.  Amy has been married to Harold Neel for 32 years and they have one son, Tyler.

Amy began her working career as a clerk at the family business, Mordt Tractor, and then worked as a clerk and assistant manager at Citgo.  On Christmas eve in 1997, she took a temporary job in the Lincoln County Collector of Revenue's office, filling out checks and other necessary tasks through the tax season.  Her boss liked the work she did, and in June of 1999 he asked her to return to input data on delinquent taxes into the new software system.  She's been there ever since.  In 2002, she was asked to take the position of Deputy Collector, and she gratefully obliged.  Her nearly 20 years of experience will serve her well should Amy become the next Lincoln County Collector of Revenue.

When asked why she's running, Amy said, "I have a deep-seated loyalty to Lincoln County and I'm dedicated to the work this office does.  Over the years I have grown with the Lincoln County Collector of Revenue's office. I have devoted much of my time working closely with the Collectors, improving and striving to provide great service to the tax payers of Lincoln County.  Having been here from the beginning of the switch from old ways to new this office has seen, I am fortunate enough to have gained very useful experience and have enjoyed the challenges and changes in my career. I am committed to our goals, from the newCollector of Revenue software that improves effeciency, to setting up and maintaining the credit/debit card collections and the online website that provides convenience to our tax payers.  Should I become County Collector, I will bring my wealth of knowledge of the office to improve our services and help the citizens of Lincoln County."

Amanda Neel is one of two Democratic candidates vying for the position of Collector of Revenue in the August 7th primary.