Booth Sitters Wanted!

Attention! The Lincoln County Democratic Club is in need of booth sitters for the Lincoln County Fair. Current openings are Tuesday from 7-10pm, Wednesday from 7-10pm, Friday at 4-7pm and 7-10 pm, and Saturday, any shift from noon through 10pm, in two-hour increments. To sign up, call Maria Schieffer at 636-462-7295, and don’t be afraid to leave a message. Those that wish to volunteer should contact Maria by July 3rd. This is good and important work, so come and participate in greeting the community.


Quilt Raffle!

We’re having a Quilt Raffle!

This beautiful, handmade, queen-size quilt is on display at the Burkemper Law Firm at 260 Main St., Troy MO. Please stop by to view the quilt and purchase tickets, available for $2.50 each or 5 for $10.00, or find any Lincoln County Democrat to purchase tickets.

The drawing for the quilt will be held at the conclusion of the Lincoln County Fair, held July 9th - 13th and the quilt will be on display there at the Lincoln County Democrat’s booth during the Fair, on Fairgrounds Rd in Troy, MO.

Please come on by the Burkemper Law Firm to view the quilt and purchase tickets, and join us at the Fair to hear from Lincoln County Democrats and view the quilt and purchase tickets. Everyone is welcome!


We're Taking a Stand: Help Us Fight MO SB 391


Currently making its way through the Missouri Senate is SB 391, a bill that, if passed, would allow Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs) to pollute our landscape over the wishes of county governments and health departments.

From the text of SB 391:

"Section 192.300, RSMo, is repealed and one new section enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as section 192.300, to read as follows:

192.300. The county commissions and the county health center boards of the several counties may make and promulgate orders, ordinances, rules or regulations, respectively as will tend to enhance the public health and prevent the entrance of infectious ,contagious, communicable or dangerous diseases into such county, but any orders, ordinances, rules or regulations shall not;

(1)Be in conflict with any rules or regulations authorized and made by the department of health and senior services in accordance with this chapter or by the department of social services under chapter 198; or

(2) Impose standards or requirements on an agricultural operation and its appurtenances, as such term is defined in section 11537.295, that are inconsistent with or more stringent than any provision of chapters 260, 640, 643, and 644, or any rule or regulation promulgated under such chapters."

The current bill summary, via Legiscan:

"SB 391 - Under this act, any orders, ordinances, rules, or regulations promulgated by county commissions and county health center boards shall not impose standards or requirements on an agricultural operation and its appurtenances that are inconsistent with or more stringent than any provisions of law, rules, or regulations relating to environmental control, the Department of Natural Resources, air conservation, and water pollution."

From a letter to the Editor in the Jefferson City News Tribune:

"This bill would remove all vestiges of local control over Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs). Current federal rules and state DNR regulations do not protect local citizens living near CAFOs. CAFOs can apply waste from their operation right up to the property lines of homes and of water sources of persons living near them. In addition, there are no air quality standards for CAFOs with less than 17,500 hogs, 7,000 cattle or 875,000 chickens. (That really stinks!) There are no setback requirements between CAFOs and populated areas.

Without local control to develop and enforce requirements to protect air and water quality, CAFOs under SB 391 would pose a hazard to the health of citizens living near them and destroy the property values of nearby land owners."

From Darvin Bentlage, in the Joplin Globe:

"Local control is the ability of our local elected representatives, primarily county commissions, to establish protections for their constituents, neighbors and community members from corporate industrial CAFOs. In the form of health ordinances, these protections include setbacks from residences, schools and public access areas, and setbacks for the spreading of untreated CAFO waste from properties and water sources. Twenty of Missouri’s rural communities currently have CAFO health ordinances supported by local family farmers and rural residents. More communities are looking toward those protections.

Senate Bill 391 would abolish local control of corporate CAFOs, the current 20 CAFO health ordinances and any future local protections.

Corporate lobbyists have successfully limited our rights to protect our families, water and air, and property rights in the court system, they have restricted the ability of our DNR to protect us from CAFOs and now they want to eliminate our last protection by taking away local control. They want it all and more, thus leaving us literally with no protections at all from permanent nuisances.

Senate Bill 391 would further dehumanize rural people in favor of corporate CAFO greed."

This is a bad bill, a gift to CAFOs, which are often foreign owned, and the lobbyists who represent them. It's bad for small farmers and other property owners, bad for the environment, bad for our health, bad for the beautiful landscape and the abundant wildlife that we have here in Missouri. The Lincoln County Democrats recommend that you click on the links below and read in full the text of the bill and the editorials provided. Then click on the links to identify your Missouri Senators if you are unsure who represents you, and then follow the links to contact your Missouri Senator and tell them to Just Say "NO" to MO SB 391.

Link to Legiscan (important links are in red)

Link to the full text of SB391 via Legiscan

Editorial, Jefferson City News Tribune

Editorial by Darvin Bentlage, the Joplin Globe

Identify your district and your senator (click on the area on the map that encompasses where you live and the name of your senator will appear)

Photo list of Missouri senators (click on the image of your senator to go to their page, and find their contact information)

From The "Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It" Files.....

We’re only three weeks into the new term and it looks like things might already be going awry in the Lincoln County Courthouse.. This is what happens when partisan politics gets in the way of retaining good elected officials. Voting shouldn’t be a political calculation, folks, but about electing the only person qualified for the job. That didn’t happen this time out, and look where we are now. Live and learn.

From the Lincoln County Journal. Go pick up a copy while quantities last.

From the Lincoln County Journal. Go pick up a copy while quantities last.

A Message From Club President, Betty Shrum

To all Lincoln County Democrats:

Our campaign motto “PRAY FOR AMERICA” has been well received.

While we have much to focus on during this election year, need to also focus and promote ,the dangers of climate change. and how everyone can help.

We will continue to explore ways to do this.

A good place to start is the following website: